Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Look AW13

It's almost time for sweaters, pants and skirts with tights. Now is the time to get a new autumn/winter garderobe and where better than at New Look?
New Look's collection is based on 5 different themes - in order of appearance: Grunge, Baboushka, Goint out, New Model Army and Twilight. There is also a lingerie collection that is to die for!
Whether you're into a sporty look or a more girly girl look, they have it all. And I want it all! It's so hard not to spend all my money from this summer, I should get some sort of restraining order, haha.


  1. Ohoo, die jas in de vierde foto! I love it :D

    1. Echt eh! Ik wil al keilang een jasje in die genre


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